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Hello Tim,

I am pleased to report on the success of the Airopure product.

As I had mentioned to you when we initially spoke, I was working with a client at a water plant here in the Bahamas where they were having extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide off gassing in the air causing complaints from the surrounding community. The water plant is located in very close proximity to a high end residential gated community that featured million dollar water on front properties and an exclusive golf club.

Over the years the plant made many attempts to correct this problem using various methods and products with many companies, but to no avail as the problem persisted. In January 2013, we secured and began using Airopure at the plant. For 2 months we tested the product where at stages we had the system online, then took it offline to confirm that it was indeed the Airopure that was making the difference. We are pleased to say that the product worked wonders as the high level of hydrogen sulfide was completely eradicated with the system online.

The client is pleased and will be continuing the use of Airopure, and I am excited about the endless possibilities of this product for other projects. Thank you so much for your assistance. I look forward to a long term working relationship with your company.



Euthalie A. Miller

President & CEO, Puressence Company Limited

Nassau, Bahamas

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