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GEO Wheel-Wash System

GEO Wheel-Wash System 

Rising dust from various type of sites exists as minute particle in the air, turning the environment near the sites, desolate. It may cause serious respiratory system related complications. Moreover, clay and mud that stick to the wheels contaminate the roads near your site, resulting in greater rising dust as the vehicles pass through.

The GEO Wheel Wash Systems are the best choice that can solve these problem. They have monolithic structures and can be easily installed. The products give solutions that fit in your working sites via various models and options.

Download the product line spec sheet here.



  • Fully automatic operation : save the labor cost

  • Prevention of air pollution by controlling scattering dusts

  • To keep the environments and roads clean

  • To improve the eco-friendly image of your company

GEO Wheel-Wash Systems by ENGLO
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