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Revolutionary Solutions to Odor Control and Dust Suppression

Probe America offers solutions for a wide range of dust and odor control problems in a number of environments, such as sewage treatment works, quarries and foundries, or any industry where the presence of odors or dust may become an issue. Probe America proudly introduces a revolutionary new development to North America for odor control. Its AiroPure™ Odor Destructive Technology sets a new standard for destroying industrial malodors.

Unlike alternative odor control additives, AiroPure's sophisticated science means it combines physically with the odor molecules and wipes them out completely. Innovative engineering design from Probe America has resulted in the creation of the most efficient solution available for odor control and dust suppression. The Probe Atomizer uses a revolutionary misting system that is more powerful and efficient than existing nozzle-based systems.


Whereas some nozzles can become blocked the Probe Atomizer uses two opposing meshes that slice up the water into tiny droplets. The result is no blockages and droplets at an optimum uniform size to suppress odors and dusts even in the most challenging environments.


Already being used in a range of industrial and utility businesses, Probe America products are providing a range of important dust and odor control benefits to users.

Swing by our booth when you are at the following events. We would like to meet you.

Landfill Sites  •  Composting Plants  •  Sewage Works  •  Quarries  •  Foundries

Waste Transfer Stations  •  Material Recycling Facilities  •  Food Industry  •  Rendering Plants

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